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Spring Fever Cured with a Flaming Hot Mango and Coconut Recipe

At my home base, in the middle of the United States, spring is starting to pop in and make a few guest appearances. Oddly enough, these teases make me long for the beach even more than the cold and snowy days during the dead of winter. Spring Fever is starting to settle in.

So, how do I remedy this? I start planning my next escape and I eat something that makes me feel like spring has sprung. In this case, it is the most tropical, warm and sunny fruit I can think of, the mango.

To add a little more warmth, I also like to set the mango on fire. While this actually doesn’t really add any lasting heat, playing with fire is fun. It is even more fun when alcohol and sugar are involved.

So I present to you my cure for Spring Fever:

Mango-Coconut Flambé


1 large mango

2 tablespoons shredded, sweetened coconut

1 ounce white rum

½ tablespoon of granulated sugar

2 tablespoons of butter


Peel and dice the mango into ½ inch pieces. Toss with granulated sugar to coat the pieces evenly.

Heat the butter in a skillet or sauté pan. Add the coconut and then the sugared mango. Sauté for a one to two minutes to slightly soften the mango and to begin caramelizing the coconut.

Add rum and ignite the mixture with a long match or kitchen lighter. Allow to burn out and serve. I prefer to eat it as is. However, it can also be served over ice cream or in a crepe.

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