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Welcome to Beach Blanket Bistro!

We all want the beach lifestyle.

Beach Blanket Bistro, the cookbook, as well as the website, are about bringing the sensations of being on a tropical beach into your home. We have started by bringing the flavors of the tropics to you with interesting but simple recipes that will make everyday feel like a beach day. To enhance the beach feel, we also included in the cookbook photos of idyllic beaches.

But we are going to do so much more.

This blog will give you tips on tropical cooking techniques, reviews tools and ingredients to make the most of your time in the kitchen, as well as a few stories and photos to keep you inspired.

To keep the vacation beach vibe going, we are already hard at work on several other publications. In early 2018 look for Beach Blanket Brunch, our tropically focused brunch cookbook. We are also developing a travelogue and a coffee table book of exotic beach and jungle photos.

Bring the beach home with you.

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