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Mother's Day Bellini with a Tropical Twist-Mango Peach Bellini

Mother's Day is often synonymous with brunch and brunch is synonymous with bellinis. While the traditional bellini is made with peaches and Perseco, the tropical twist on this one is mango and peach. Mango and peaches just seem to compliment each other. Toss in a little wine and you have a great Mother's Day treat. I hope you enjoy this tropical bellini recipe, it's also a sneak peek from our next cookbook, Beach Blanket Brunch.


1 Tablespoon of Peach Puree

2 Ounces of Mango Nectar

3 Ounces of Perseco


In a champagne flute add one tablespoon of pureed peach to the mango nectar. Muddle lightly. Pour in the chilled Perseco and serve. Ideally the drink should be about half of the mango peach mixture to half Perseco.

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