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New Project, New Friends, New Flavors

We are hard at work on our next cookbook, Beach Blanket Brunch, which is scheduled to hit the market very soon. While we have been preparing, testing and photographing a wide variety of delicious and fun brunch dishes we have had the opportunity to explore a broader definition of beach food.

Last week we did an impromptu visit to the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area of Alabama. On our short visit, Christa and I made some new friends that we would like to thank. Nora, the owner of St. Charles Place Cards and Gifts, became our unofficial guide and made our trip even more enjoyable. We also got lucky enough to spend some time talking with the TropRock legend Brent Burns. His music has long been part of the soundtrack in our kitchen and it was nice to find out that he is not only a great entertainer, he is also a great person.

I also found some inspiration for a few new recipes that will be found in the upcoming Beach Blanket Brunch, including my take on Shrimp n' Grits.

Brent Burns and Shannon Stiles

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